Automatic/Hand-operating Shut-off Unit

Mar 15th, 2022

Besides shutter operator, BX Shinsei Seiki also launches an automatic shut-off unit with excellent features.  If there is an unfortunate fire, thanks to this device, the rolling shutter will be immediately closed, to prevent the fire spreading and reduce the damage to the lowest level.


The Automatic Shut-off Unit is a device that can shut-off the rolling shutter automatically by its own weight by receiving the DC24V signal from the fire control panel at site in emergency case.  The product line ups are A-808, EMY-242, which shall accommodate shutter operators with varied motor outputs from 0.075kW up to 0.75kW.  And the A-921A(K) is for Ex-proof shutter operator.


In addition, we have Hand-operating Shut-off Unit which operates by pulling operation system.  It is installed with Automatic Shut-off Unit as mentioned above and it enables to activate the device manually without DC24V signal.


Both types above can be applied to all shutter operators launched out by BX Shinsei Seiki.  With these outstanding and reliable features, the Automatic Shut-off Unit shall be sure to give customers one of the best solution for the emergency case management.

See more details here Automatic/Hand-operating Shut-Off Unit|BX Shinsei Seiki Co.,Ltd.

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