Privacy Policy

  1. Stance on Privacy Policy
    To perform our work smoothly, we are allowed to obtain and use the information such as the customer’s name, address, phone number and E-mail address. In a recognition of our grave duty to appropriately protect these pieces of customer information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal information”), we handle such personal information under the following policy to carry out our duty.
    1. Adhere to “Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related ordinances applied to personal information, and handle such personal information appropriately based on the customs related to the handling of personal information known as fair and adequate generally. Handling will be improved, as required.
    2. Clarify the provisions related to the handling of personal information, and make them known to employees by means of indoctrination, training and enlightenment.
    3. Identify and notify or publicly announce the purposes of obtaining personal information, and handle the personal information according to the purposes. In the following cases, however, presentation of purpose may be omitted.
      1. Personal information is provided in the interview with our sales personnel, or in exchange of name cards.
      2. When name cards or anything are given to us at various events, fairs, seminars, etc., such information may be used in the introduction of our products and services, provision of various information, or marketing activity including face-to-face transaction by E-mail or other means, unless refused by the customer.
    4. In order to prevent leakage, loss and falsification of personal information, necessary actions are taken to carry out appropriate control.
    5. When customer requests for the disclosure, correction, deletion, stop of use, or extinction of personal information then held, such requests are accepted by the specified personnel with sincerity.

      More specifically, personal information will be handled according to the following details.

  1. Purposes of Use, etc.
    We obtain personal information required in the performance of business work, but these pieces of personal information will be used only for the following purposes. In order to carry out work smoothly, we may provide personal information to our affiliate companies or the contractors to which we assign work, as far as required. In such a case, we carry out appropriate control, including the conclusion of agreement with these contractors on the handling of personal information.
    1. Provision of shutter operator, various reduction gears, various lifts, measuring instruments (hereinafter referred to as “Our products), and manufacturing, sales, construction, repair, check and after-sales services related to their business.
    2. Announcement of new products and services related to our products
    3. Questionnaire survey for the improvement of quality and services related to various work mentioned above
    4. Documents to be used internally at inquiries from customers
    5. Provision of documents and information related to our products, when claimed by customers
    6. Communication and explanation, or provision of documents and information and services to applicants on the events or campaigns held by us
  1. Control of Personal Information
    We nominate a controller of personal information, and carry out the indoctrination education, training and enlightenment. In the event of invalid access to personal data, or of leakage, loss, destruction or falsification of personal data, necessary and appropriate safety control measures are taken, so that personal information may be controlled appropriately.
  1. Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties
    In the case of provision to our affiliate companies or contractors described in “2. Purposes of Use, etc.,” or in any of the following cases, we won’t provide or disclose personal information to any third party.
    1. Agreed by customer himself.
    2. Disclosed or provided in the forms disabling the identification of the person, such as statistical data.
    3. Must be disclosed or provided according to laws and ordinances.
    4. Required for the protection of human life, body or property, though the customer is unlikely to agree.
    5. Required specially for the improvement of public health, or the promotion of healthy rearing of children, though the customer is unlikely to agree.
    6. Required to cooperate in the performance of legally specified work by national organ, local community or their contractor, and when customer’s agreement could impede the performance of relevant work.
    7. Provided to the persons mentioned in the following Item 5.
  1. Use of Personal Information / Provision to Third Parties
    Personal information of customers shall be used by the following persons.
    1. Our company
    2. Our affiliate companies
    3. Contractors, to which we consign part of work
  1. Disclosure
    When disclosure of his information is requested by the customer himself, from among the personal data held by us, response will be provided within a reasonable period and range only after the confirmation of applicant’s identity.
  1. Correction and Deletion
    When correction, addition or deletion of his information is requested by the customer himself, from among the personal data held by us, information will be correct, added or deleted within a reasonable period and range only after the confirmation of applicant’s identity.
  1. Stop of Use and Extinction
    When stop of use, or extinction of his information is requested by the customer himself, from among the personal data held by us, use of information will be stopped, or the information will be extinguished within a reasonable period and range only after the confirmation of applicant’s identity.

    When use of these pieces of information is stopped, or such information is extinguished partially or totally, we hope the customer will very kindly understand, and agree to the case where services may not be provided as requested by the customer, unfortunately.
    (Concerning the information held by us based on applicable laws and ordinances, application of the stop of use, or extinction could be turned down.)

  1. Acceptance Method and Window for Disclosure, etc.
    Applications related to the personal data held by us in Items 7 and 8, or any other inquiry on the personal information will be accepted by the following method. Please, note that the request for the disclosure not based on this acceptance method may be turned down.
    1. Acceptance procedure

      Visit the following window directly, or send application by postal mail to the following address. Details of application procedure will be provided when applied. However, the response will be given in written form or other method only after the confirmation of the applicant’s (or agent’s) identity at the following window.

      Please, note that, in the event of application, you are requested, as a rule, to use the application form specified by us.

Acceptance Window

(Address) 687, Kamodani-cho, Kasai, Hyogo Pref. 675-2444
(Dept. name) BX Shinsei Seiki Co., Ltd., Overseas Dept.
(Tel number)+81-(0)790-44-2671
Acceptance time on week days is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



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