Automatic/Hand-operating Shut-Off Unit

  • Automatic/Hand-operating Shut-Off Unit

Automatic shut-off unit is designed to close shutter by its own weight by receiving DC24V signal coming from fire control panel.

Explosion-proof type Automatic shut-off unit: A-921A(K) is also avairable.

Hand-operating shut-off unit helps immediate shutter closing manually in emergency situation. 

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Automatic Shut-off Unit for Operator
Model A-808 EMY-242 A-921A(K)
Operating System Power-on Start, Self-stop Type
Resetting System Manual Reset
In-house Evaluation Mark
Permit No.
C-02-7 C-02-9 C-14-1
Rated Supply Voltage DC24V
Min. Operating Voltage DC18V
Brake Release Force 35N 58.8N 60N
Signal Confirmation DC24V 1a Contact
Applicable Operator(Motor Output) 0.075~0.4kW 0.75kW 0.4~0.75kW
Applicable Hand-operating Shut-off Unit HF Series
Explosion-proof Design Explosion Class Flame-proof Type 1~2
Ignition Category G1~G4
Hand-operating shut-off unit for operator
Type Filled-up Type Exposed Type Filled-up Type Exposed Type
Key-locked Type
Operating System
(Operation method)
Pulling operation system
(Braking the acrylic sheet and pulling the sliding door toward yourself)
Resetting Method Pulling the reset ring of the automatic shut-off unit
Push Button Switch Contact Composition Built-in(2a, 1b)
Contact Capacity 5A AC 250V(resistance load)
Applicable Automatic Shut-off Unit A-808 EMY-242
Applicable Operator(Motor Output) 0.075~0.4kW 0.75kW

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