• SSA-1900G/2300G
  1. The figures in winding capacity and minimum fall load are obtainad with the use of 10B drum for model SSA-1900G or 12B drum for model SSA-2300G.
  2. “a/b” in speed and full-load current are measured under the 50Hz; “a” and 60Hz; “b” power respectively.
  3. Use environment: Ambient temperature; -10℃ to +40℃ (subject to no freezing・dew condensation). Ambient humidity less than 85%RH.
  4. Time rating is the value measured at +20℃. If the temperature exceeds this value, the time rating gets shorter.
  5. Shutter shall be surely equipped with the emergency limit switch.
  6. Durability: 10,000 opening and closing.
  7. It is available to produce the operator with different operating voltage except for above.
  8. You can download PDF catalog and manual down below and for details or inquiry, please contact us!


Model SSA-1900G SSA-2300G
Voltage Three-phase 400V Three-phase 400V

Winding Capacity(kg)

1900(48020N) 2300(22540N)

Min. Fall Load(kg)

48(470N) 40(392N)

Winding Drum Speed(r.p.m)



Output Shaft Torque(N・m) 735 1029
Min. Fall Torque(N・m) 12.7
Speed(r.p.m) 15.6/18.7 15.3/18.3
Motor Output(kW) 1.5 2.2
Speed(r.p.m) 1460/1750 1435/1720
Full-load Current(A) 4.5/3.7 5.9/4.6
Time Rating(Minute) 15
Sprocket(Output side/Drum side) #100-T10/T54 #120-T10/T54
Roller Chain #100 #120
Operator Weight(kg) 115

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