• ULC-25GSC
  • ULC-25GSC

“Safety & Security”, “Low Energy” and “Quiet” are realized.

“Safety & Security”
When an obstacle is sensed, shutter immediately stops and it reverses upward. The load sensing can adjust 10 levels. The safety edge and other optional devices are no neccessary.

“Low Energy”
”Regenerative Electric Power”, generating from motor while shutter descends, it is collected and is achieved the lower electric power consumption for descent to less than 10% compared with rising electric powe consumption. ( This Eco product achived less than 1 watt while shutter descends. )

With soft speed driving for the shutter (slow start/slow stop) , even more achieved excellent quietness.

“High Precision Digital Control”
The stable controlled rotation is achieved by High Precision Digital Control of DC brushless motor.
Ascending/descending speed is same without regard to the power supply frequency.


You can download PDF catalog and manual down below and for details or inquiry, please contact us!


Model ULA-25GSC
Voltage Single-phase 220V Single-phase 230V
Full-load Current of Operator(A) 3.8 3.7

Drum Sprocket

Winding Capacity(kg) 500(4903N)
Min. Fall Load(kg) 17.4(171N)
Winding Drum Speed(r.p.m) 4.7/3.7(Ascending/Descending)

Drum Sprocket

Winding Capacity(kg) 400(3923N)
Min. Fall Load(kg) 14.1(138N)
Winding Drum Speed(r.p.m) 5.8/4.6(Ascending/Descending)
Output Shaft Torque(N・m) 88.2
Min. Fall Torque(N・m) 2.3
Speed(r.p.m) 24.3/19.4(Ascending/Descending)
Motor Output(kW) 0.25
Speed(r.p.m) 1500/1200(Ascending/Descending)
Full-load Current(A) 2.1
Time Rating(Minute) 10(Program Control Mode)
Control Method Controlled Mode Micro Computer Controlled Operator
Controlled Stop Position Upper Limit…Positioning control mode by the pulse-detection.
Lower Limit…Signal detection mode by the limit switch counter.
Input for Operation 3-point Push Button Switch(2a1b)
Obstacle-sensing Mechanism Pulse-detection Mode
Sprocket(Output side/Drum side) #50-T10/#50-T52, T42
Roller Chain #50-68 Links(Bracket Type: BA-25MA)
#50-70 Links(Bracket Type: BA-25LA)
Operator Weight(kg) 12.1

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