• ULA-75G
  1. The figures in winding capacity and minimum fall load are obtained with the use of 8B drum.
  2. “a/b” in speed and full-load current are measured under tho 50Hz; “a” and 60Hz; “b” power respectively.
  3. Use environment: Ambient temperature; -10℃ to +40℃ (subject to no freezing・dew condensation). Ambient humidity less than 85%RH.
  4. Time rating is the value measured at +20℃. If the temperature exceeds this value, the time rating gets shorter.
  5. Shutter shall be surely equipped with the emergency limit switch.
  6. Durability: 10,000 opening and closing.
  7. You can download PDF catalog and manual down below and for details or inquiry, please contact us!


Model ULA-75G
Voltage Three-phase 400V
Winding Capacity(kg) 1050(10290N)
Min. Fall Load(kg) 40(392N)
Winding Drum Speed(r.p.m) 3.7/4.3
Output Shaft Torque(N・m) 328
Min. Fall Torque(N・m) 4.9
Speed(r.p.m) 17.6/20.9
Motor Output(kW) 0.75
Speed(r.p.m) 1410/1670
Full-load Current(A) 1.6/1.7
Time Rating(Minute) 10
Sprocket(Output side/Drum side) #80-T10/T48
Roller Chain #80-65 Links
Operator Weight(kg) 29

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