Shutter Operator with Obstacle Sensing Mechanism-3

May 29th, 2020

Quietness and Energy Saving

One of the remarkable features of ULC-12/25GSC is DC motor is adopted.
By using this type of motor realized the quietness of the motor operation and energy saving.

But how?
Compare to AC motor, DC motor allows system to control its speed.  Therefore, Slow start and Slow stop operation is realized and it makes shutter door up/down look more smoothly and quietly.  We have been even more particular about the quietness and decided to use helical gears and they made shutter operator more quiet.

Now you know how our shutter operator can be that quiet.  But you remember we mentioned it also saves energy?
It is one of the most unique feature of our ULC-12/25GSC. 
At descending shutter, “Regenerative Electric Power” generated from motor achieved the drive at lower electric power consumption being less than 10% compared with opening.  That is why shutter operator can save energy.

We believe you will be impressed how effective  those features are once you installed!

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