Shutter Operator with Obstacle Sensing Mechanism-1

Apr 3rd, 2020

Shutter Operator with Obstacle Sensing Mechanism

Our shutter operator model: ULC-12/25GSC, USA-400GSC have special function.  It is Obstacle Sensing Mechanism.

Since our shutter operators open and close shutter door so smoothly, it might be hard to imagine how heavy the shutter door actually is.
However, those shutter doors ULC-12/25GSC or USA-400GSC can wind up is from 250kg upto 500kg!

Imagine if yourself or your important car is stuck under the shutter door closing by the accident and remote controller is not in your hand, the serious injury or damage cannot be avoided.

Obstacle Sensing Mechanism can save you from those threat!

We would like to introduce this our special shutter operator and its background stories.

There is a video introducing ULC-12/25GSC on the TOP Page that you might find it is interesting.
Please check it out while you are waiting for next blog update! 

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