Japanese Quality Product-3

Mar 27th, 2020

Know-How and Experience

For shutter operators, one of the most important parts is Reducer section.

The reducer section is designed to be highly-durable via use of machine elementsand lubricant with a durability of more than 10,000 opening and closing operations.

The gears, whose teeth are precisely machined in-house, make a significant contribution to the high level of durability.

We do have know-how and well-experienced in manufacturing those gears and shafts in-house.
To maintain its quality, we even produce jig or measuring tool by ourselves.
When it comes to think of other processing machine or measuring epuipment, we choose the ones do the best operation according to our quality control standards and even request order-made for suppliers.

We spend cost and time to realize our design and high quality to be real.

As the result, the main body of the operator has a durability life that allows more than 15,000 times of electrical opening/closing operations or operations for more than 10 years for shutters used in stories with a height of 5 meters.



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