Japanese Quality Product-1

Mar 13th, 2020

What we most proud of is our “Quality”

Through out of our history over 60 years, we have heard a lot of delightful comments from our customers.

One day, one of our best customers said with big smile on his face “We cannot get any repairing jobs because your shutter operator does not break!”

We are very happy to hear that, but we know it does break in the end.  And here is another story.

One of the other days, we received an inquiry from a customer who wants to purchase spare parts to repair the broken operator.  He mentioned the model and we found it was 30 years old!
For this case, since that model was discontinued and parts were no longer in production, we offered him to replace it to the latest model.  However, the problem was not critical and only if there were still available parts exist, we are sure that he could have repaired operator and continued to use.

We will introduce what makes our products high quality in next blog update!

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